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Maya Miller

Mau Lifestyle Ivy Cat Tree, White, Large

Mau Lifestyle Ivy Cat Tree, White, Large

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MAU Lifestyle Whether your fearless furballs are more like the courageous Jack scaling the beanstalk, the romantic Romeo cooing to his Juliet above, or the isolated Rapunzel sheltered high in her tower alone, Ivy has the perfect perches for every purr-personality. With four cozy baskets at varying heights ranging up to 73鈥?and a uniquely curved trunk that will entice any natural climber, Ivy is a beautifully balanced cat tree that will bring as much stylish zen to your modern home as comfort and security to your cherished companion(s). Each basket comes with plush cushions available in a variety of colours with a hanging pom-pom toy below for a bit of amusement between catnaps. If your fickle friend isn鈥檛 a fan of pom-poms, feel free to swap them out with your kitty鈥檚 favourite toys! Equally suitable for four (or more) felines, one spoiled sweetie, or any number in between, Ivy is the customizable showstopper designed for the most sophisticated fur family.

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