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Maya Miller

Drymate Jumbo Cat Litter Trapping Mat - Charcoal

Drymate Jumbo Cat Litter Trapping Mat - Charcoal

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Reduce litter tracking in your home with a Jumbo Litter Trapping Mat from Drymate. The soft, felt like top layer is easy on the paws, and has just enough texture to loosen the litter. Made with Zorb-Tech technology making this fabric absorbent yet waterproof. The non-slip waterproof backing absorbs and contains liquids with no leaks keeping your floors protected from spills! Shake litter loose or vacuum for a quick clean up. Or for a deeper clean this Cat Litter Trapping Mat is also machine washable to help keep a tidy and sanitary space for you cats. Made in the USA and is made with over 50 percent recycled fiber. Dependable, functionable and durable!

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