About us

Jamu boosters are a passion project of our team at ZENKO Superfoods, a Singaporean superfoods startup.

During the COVID pandemic we found ourselves in a difficult position when our main healthy product, Water lily pops, sold out due to a spike in demand for healthy snacks. As international transport lockdowns disrupted our supply chain for an unforeseeable future, we decided to launch a healthy immunity booster that we could create in the heart of Singapore.

Influenced by the great people at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, we created our own three versions of this Indonesian heritage drink and launched it during May 2020 in Singapore. The launch was perceived with great success, so we decided that even though our Water lily pops are back in store we still wanted to offer people the chance to enjoy their Jamu!

Please let us know your feedback so we can grow this passion project while we take over the world with our superfoods at ZENKO.

Wouter and Jochim